Could A Boerboel Defeat A Coyote? – [Answered]

Could A Boerboel Defeat A Coyote?

Yes, any large species of dog can defeat Coyote. Coyotes weigh about 30 lbs. to beat another dog.

The Boerboel is a big, heavy dog. A coyote is a medium-sized and thin Boerboel can attack Coyote.

What Can Dogs Attack And Take Down Coyotes?

Ten types of dogs have abilities to fight with coyotes.

The list of those dogs.

  1. Rottweiler
  2. Wolf Dogs
  3. Neopolitan Mastiff
  4. Boerboel Dogs
  5. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  6. Bloodhounds
  7. Fila Brasileiro
  8. Dogo Argentino
  9. Kangals
  10. Tibetan Mastiff


This dog species are natural guard that can be seen in police and military and act as a protector. They greatly wish to protect their owners.

They are brilliant and show a brave expression. It has strong, powerful jaws. This large species can maintain itself against other big animals like Coyotes with great constancy.

They are active dogs a need regular socializing because of their aggressive activities. 

These dogs are born for security and can become more powerful and fearless in defeating a Coyote. 

Wolf Dogs

They are more aggressive and challenging.

Compared to other dogs, this one is more intelligent and muscular. They are well prepared with sharp teeth for attacking other dogs.

They usually work best in groups to protect their food and their environment. They are pack hunters that regularly attack large animals.

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Thus, wolf dogs can fight and kill a Coyote once in the group.

Neopolitan Mastiff

During Roman gladiatorial contests, the Neopolitan mastiff is used to fight Coyotes. 

It has a considerable size and incredible strength and has worked as a protector for centuries. These dogs have a more powerful sight of their target. 

They are our loyal companions and powerful guard dogs. It has a fighting ability, with its broad mouth that may threaten other animals, and is horrible.

Boerboel Dogs

Boerboel dogs are a species of Mastiff family. The Mastiff family they are elegant. They are also called farmer’s dogs. They are used for protection against dangerous animals.

In South Africa, Boerboel dogs defend their homes from, Coyotes and other wild animals. They are fighting dogs. When fighting, they tend to pull and chew.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

It has qualities of European and African hunting dogs and shows its unique height.

Rhodesian ridgeback is a species of secure and robust strength for a hunting dog. These dogs can be as fast.

Moreover, they are aggressive types of dogs with strong qualities. Usually, these dogs are unfriendly to strangers. They are loyal to their owner.

These dogs fight against a Coyote because of their courage, strength, and skill. They usually work as a group for hunting.

In addition, they have solid muscular bodies. It doesn’t leave its target and can follow it for long distances.


It can capture its prey using its sense of smell. It has a strong sense o smell. It does not directly kill Coyotes.

But these dogs participate in finding the animal by its power of solid scent. However, they do not work as a watchdog or guards. Nowadays, they help with rescue tasks. 

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Fila Brasileiro

This dog is a crossbreed of English Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and Bloodhounds. 

It is tough, intelligent, and very active. 

Fila Brasileiro has excellent skills of courage. They usually hunt in groups. Thus, fighting and killing a Coyote, a group of four to five Fila Brasileiro is formed. 

Also, they can control large animals. This dog can be a great friend and a protector. However, they were banned in some countries because of their aggressive nature. 

Dogo Argentino

Since they are used for hunting and catching dangerous animals, it has powerful and excellent lung ability. 

They also have a sharp sense of smell. It has the ideal characteristics to take long journeys in any weather condition. 


Kangal is known to have the most powerful bite among dogs. It is a Turkish dog known to be very protective and defensive. 

This dog has big muscular size usually frightens wild animals. Also, they are tough dog breeds.

Tibetan Mastiff

They catch and protect lives against wolves, leopards, and other predators. Tibetan Mastiff is active at night. They are also intelligent dogs. 

Its powerful jaw strength and huge size can fight against other wild animals.

Are Coyotes Afraid Of Cane Corsos

Generally, no, they don’t. But they avoid fights as much as possible. It could be because there is a human presence around or the Coyote suffers from an injury.

Still, it remains a point that most of them try not to get involved in a fight. Due to the Coyote’s great bravery, owners must do their duty entirely. 

Always confirm that your Cane Corso is safe and the fence around it has no holes so that Coyotes can not pass through. 

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What Increases The Chances Of A Cane Corso Beating A Coyote?

Many factors can impact a fight between the great Cane Corso and Coyote. It includes age, experience, size, number, instinct, strength, and stamina. 


A full-grown Cane Corso can easily handle a young Coyote. It is even better if your dog is a male. 

Meanwhile, it can be a loss for your highly valued pet if he’s still growing and he happens to face an adult Coyote. 


Training a Cane Corso is the main focus for owners. A well-trained Italian Mastiff with experience in defending and protecting parts can be great against a Coyote. 

Remember, Coyotes experience the reality of nature every day. 


Some Coyotes hunt in packs; having 2 or 3 Cane Corsos on a property is good. Of course, owners must ensure the care of the dogs. 

Territorial Instinct

Cane Corsos are a dog that highly values their environments and homes. 

If a Coyote roams around his area, the Cane Corso will find this a serious crime and deal with the animal badly. 


In this article, I discuss the fight between Boerboel and Coyote. Many dog names and their characteristics have been given, which can defeat coyotes. 

Coyotes are not afraid of Cane Corsos. Various factors have been shown which can increase the chances of coyotes’ defeat.

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