Can Coyotes Climb Chain Link Fences? – Repellent Tips

Can Coyotes Climb Chain Link Fences

Yes, coyotes can jump over fences. Coyotes can jump into the air around 3-6 feet. They can also climb over large fences by running and using their front and back legs.

Coyotes can climb many types of fences, especially chain link fences. A smoother texture will limit their ability to climb over.

Coyotes have a lot of time over the years to perfect their capability to climb over human structures. 

It has allowed them to enhance their habitats and have easy access to their food sources,

Can Coyotes Jump Wooden Fences?

Yes, it is true if the fence is easy to climb. Chain link fences give coyotes footholds to climb up.

Coyotes have opportunistic behavior. Opportunistic behavior means if they’re hunting prey like mice or rabbits that can fit through fences, they may jump the wall to continue pursuing.

Coyotes never give up on hunting prey just because of barriers. They know they need the food and will continue to hunt. 

Will A Coyote Jump A Fence To Get To A Dog?

Coyotes can carry a 25-pound pet over a 6ft fence. Coyotes will attack small dogs and larger dogs present on their lawn.

Research has shown that coyotes can jump a fence as high as 14 feet. According to studies, at the 6-foot height, they will start to use their front feet to get over. 

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The “jump” consists of two phases:

First, the coyote jumps up to the top of the fence with its front paws, then adds vertical momentum by pulling on the top. It gives him some extra height.

At the same time, he brings his back paws up to the top of the fence. Now, all four of his foot are in contact with the top of the wall.

Second, the coyote uses his back legs to spring off the fence as he extends his front paws to prepare for landing. 

Coyote Rollers interrupt the jump, making it impossible for the animal to hold the top of the fence. Keep your pets safe by putting coyote Rollers on your bar.

How High Can A Coyote Jump?

Coyotes can jump up to about three feet in the air. However, they can climb over any fence by jumping up and using their back feet. 

A wooden fence might seem enough to prevent most animals from walking into the backyard. Coyotes have a huge vertical jump.

It’s well known that coyotes are persistent and adaptable animals. It is one of the few larger animals surviving within ever-growing urban and residential areas. 

How To Keep Coyotes Away 

We can use a water gun with water or vinegar to Spray coyotes. Throw rocks, bars, tennis balls, or anything else you can find toward them.

Some tips are discussed below:

Coyote Repellent Tips

1 – It’s All About The Smell

Coyotes will try to find the most accessible food source, which includes analyzing your backyard for anything interesting they smell.

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In this case, your best coyote barrier is keeping smells hidden or masked. Coyotes will eat anything, so keeping your garbage sealed tightly in an animal-proof container is essential.

For extra security, store your garbage can inside a garage. If you feed your dog outside, bring back any dog food bowls once they’ve finished their meal.

You’ll also protect any places where coyote prey (like rodents, birds, and fish) might gather. Fish ponds are an easy target for coyotes.

So it would be best if you kept them fully secured. Bird feeders attract a hungry coyote, so keep your bird feeder to protect both the food and the birds.

Besides hiding good-smell-producers, you can place foul smells like wolf urine and mothballs near your yard and garbage cans. 

2 – Build A Fence

To keep coyotes out of your yard, make it harder for them to get in. If you do not have a fence around your yard, you should build it.

But a coyote can jump high. Only a long fence keeps coyotes away. Well, if you put a wall as a coyote barrier, a large one is better.

Coyotes jump over six-foot-high fences. Coyotes can climb up over fences seven feet tall as their back legs are strong.

Besides building a taller fence, you can also make coyote rollers on the wall, stopping their back-climbing legs from getting a grip.

We suggest a fence depth of 12 to 18 inches to prevent coyotes away.

3 – Coyote Hazing

Yes, we suggest you haze a coyote if you face anyone. Every meeting with a coyote should be unpleasant. If you do not feel afraid of coyotes, coyotes will run away.

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There are many ways to get on their nerves and boost them to leave your property quickly. 

Coyotes never feel comfortable around humans. 

When you make noise, coyotes feel uncomfortable. Try to scream, yell, blow a whistle, or use an air horn.

You can wave your arms over your head to make yourself a more significant threat. We suggest you throw sticks and rocks in the coyote’s direction. 

4 – Keep Critters Close

If you’ve small dogs or other small pets, make sure you hold your animals close to home and close to you.

Even guard animals are in danger if allowed to walk freely. Keep your pets near you, and go for a walk together.

Fences (as mentioned above) are one protection to help hold your pets close to home and protect them from coyotes.

5 – Use Nite Guard Solar Lights

Dog owners usually use Nite Guard Solar lights as protection from the attack of coyotes. The lights are most valuable when we put them in all four directions at a coyote’s eye level. 

Nite Guard Solar lights automatically turn on in the evening, continue to flash all night, and ensure that coyotes don’t get close.

Many people who use Nite Guard Solar Lights can easily save their pets from coyotes’ attacks.


In this article, I talk about the jump of coyotes. Coyotes can jump high to get closer to your pets. Coyotes can also jump across the wooden fence.

Some tips to keep coyotes away from your pets have also been given. 

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